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On 22 January 1991, The Club took on the new name of Waterkloof Gymnastics Club, and restructured to become a fully fledged Men and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Club.  Prior to this the Club focussed mainly on remedial and recreational gymnastics, specialising in gymnastics for toddlers.  This initial focus began in the early 1980’s when Selda Burger and Hannetjie Blom teamed-up to form the Hansel Fun Gym Club.  Having extensive experience in Artistic Gymnastics, they saw the need to introduce preschoolers and toddlers to fundamental gymnastics movements and exercises, due to the inherent benefits this may hold for overall growth and development of preschool children.

From the start popularity grew, and inquiries came from all over.  As a direct result of the niche addressed by Hansel Fun Gym Club the creation and evolution of the current Preschool Gymnastics market was born. The Club made a significant contribution to the development of this field. Hence, Selda Burger was approached by the then South African Amateur Gymnastics Union (now South African Gymnastics Federation) to author the first South African coaches manual aimed at toddler Gymnastics.

Growth lead to the expansion of operations and classic forms of the sport also included in the services offered. During 1991 the Club obtained the use of the school gymnasium of Waterkloof highschool. This lead to the founding of Waterkloof Gymnastics Club.

Since then Waterkloof Gymnastics Club offered Artistic Gymnastics, Tumbling (through its registration with the former South African Trampoline and Tumbling Union) as well as Toddler Gymnastics and Gymnastics for children with special needs.  The Club also produced a national junior grades champion during its first year of operation.  Ben-Piet van Zyl, a Grade 10 learner at the high school won Junior Nationals in 1991 (also the Northern Transvaal and Northern Circle Championships) in the Grade 4 highschool section for boys, and brother Jan-Chris placed third at the same event in the primary school section for the same Grade.  Furthermore, both ranked in the top 10 at the Tumbling Nationals the same year.

Continued growth established the Club as the second largest Gymnastics club in the then Northern Transvaal Region. In April 1994, the highschool’s facilities were no longer available, and we relocated the current Andries van Zyl facility.