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The Novice section provides access to Artistic Gymnastics on a competitive level. However, competing in an actual event or competition is not compulsory.  This section then also provides the gymnast the opportunity to receive Junior Regional / Provincial Colours and advance to compete in a National Championship and / or nationally sanctioned event.

Key Points in the Programme
  • This section covers the content of the skills and elements included in the Levels Programme of both the Men and Women's Technical Committees of the SAGF. The specific levels included are Levels 1, 2 and 3, respectively.
  • The focus is to teach the gymnast to perform a number of skills and elements thereby completing a routine safely, consistently competent and harmoniously within the set guidelines outlining the sport.
  • This is achieved by ensuring that the gymnast possesses the required attributes and skills to perform each element contained within the routine in a consistent and safe manner as described in the various governing Point Codes and Manuals.
  • Further attention is given to improving strength, flexibility, endurance, speed and other areas relating to heightened levels of general sporting performance.
  • Emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship and participation rather than overemphasis on success in terms of absolute achievement and winning.  The idea of goal achievement in terms of own abilities is central in measuring success.
Goals of the Novice Programme
  • Increased levels of strength, flexibility, speed and endurance,
  • Heightened spatial and body awareness,
  • Above average balance, gross motor control etc.,
  • Self discipline,
  • Goal setting and goal achievement. and
  • Increased concentration.
Scheduled Training 
  • Four hours per week
  • Duration: 2 hours per session
  • Frequency: 2 sessions per week