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The objective of this particular section is to address the needs of the newcomer to the sport.  As with the Preschooler section, this section takes into account the needs of the gymnast in terms of the development stages they find themselves in, to act as the guideline to develop the specific training and teaching setup. This section also prepares the beginner gymnast for induction into a competitive programme, thus acting as a preparatory stage.

Goals of the Beginner Programme:
  • Aiding general development further as described under the Preschool section.
  • Improving relative strength and flexibility.
  • Increased levels of body conditioning for improved overall sporting performance.
  • Increased attention and concentration.
  • Development of basic skills and complete elements on the various pieces of equipment found within the domain of the sport.
  • Specifically developing certain attributes and abilities required in later stages of participation.
  • Introducing basic movement patterns, which are required and applied in more advanced skills.
  • Fun and enjoyment.

Target Group

This section is suitable for all gymnasts coming into first contact with the sport, as well as former preschool programme gymnasts.  It is especially suited to the needs of children between the ages of 5 and 8.  This programme currently serves as an induction into the sport prior to inclusion into a higher programme level.

Scheduled Training

Two hours per week which can be either a one-hour long session twice a week, or a single two-hour session per week.


Humble beginnings...