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Gymnastics has a long and proud history with its roots in ancient Greece, where gymnastic and acrobatic skills featured in the ancient Olympic Games. Ancient Rome, Persia, India and China practised similar disciplines, mostly aimed at preparing young men for battle. The word itself derives from the Greek word “gymnos”. In it’s modern guise it is a perfect fusion of athletics and aesthetics, ranking among the defining sports of the Olympic Games, mixing strength and agility with style and grace. Despite a rich and proud history, Gymnastics evolves continuously through deliberate rule changes and updated standard and participation requirements to ensure its dynamic and vibrant nature, providing excitement for all.

Gymnastics, practised in a recreational non-competitive context is acknowledged globally for inherent benefits to physical well-being of young and old. Even in its simplest form it holds the potential to develop and enhance coordination, flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, and spatial awareness among other. From a socio-emotional perspective, it enhances self-discipline, and can provide a sense of achievement, raising confidence and self-esteem. An investment in Gymnastics, even if short lived, is likely to pay dividends for many years to come.

It is the goal of Waterkloof Gymnastics Club to ensure that each active member has the opportunity to realise these potential benefits. The Club has been providing youngsters and teenagers alike with the opportunity to participate and excel within this sport, thereby pursuing balance in both extrinsic as well as intrinsic reward, and to contribute to the complete and overall development of the individual.